Saturday, November 5, 2011

FOSS4G Videos

Andrew Ross has announced that all the FOSS4G 2011 and State of the Map videos are now up and available at the FOSSLC web site. Andrew provided the following urls to scan these two categories which gives an extended blurb about each video:

However I prefer the search mechanism which gives lots more talks per page with just the title.

At the risk of being self obsessed I'll highlight two of my talks. I can't seem to find the other two.
I had also really wanted to attend Martin Davis' talk on Spatial Processing Using JEQL but somehow missed it. This weekend I'll review it. There were some other great keynotes and presentations. As you can imagine Paul Ramsey's keynote on Open Source Business Models was informative, amusing and engaging.

The videos were captured by Andrew's team of volunteers, and deployed on the FOSSLC site which includes lots of great videos of talks from other conferences. This has really be a passion of Andrew's for some time and at least in the OSGeo community I don't think the value of it has been fully recognized and exploited. I hope that others will look through the presentation and blog, tweet, +1 and like some that they find the most useful and interesting. Virtual word of mouth is one way to improve the leverage from the work of capturing the videos and the effort to produce the original presentations.

I'd also like to thank Andrew and his helpers Teresa Baldwin, Scott Mitchell, Christine Richard, Alex Trofast, Thanha Ha, "Steve", Paul Deshamps, Assefa Yewondwossen, Nathalie West, Mike Adair and "Ben", many of whom I count as personal friends from the OSGeo Ottawa crowd.